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LASERwrap® +2 Impulse Laser XL, XXL, XXXL

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Why LASERwrap®  ?

Spectra Therapy’s Wearable LASERwrap® is a game changer for your dog’s health and wellness. At an event, while traveling, at work or while home, automatically delivering repeated 2.5 joule laser treatments in either of its modes, 24/7, to the AREA surrounding all the points of concern; thus multiple treatments to multiple points makes the difference. Why sit in a clinic while you can provide Rehabilitation on the Go! Great for performance, recovery from surgery, acute injuries, and chronic conditions found with older dogs.  

 Prepare. Wearing the LASERwrap® for 1-2 hours before an event will deliver 3-4 treatments, which will invigorate metabolism and pre-charge the muscles with 2.5 joules of energy. Your will achieve higher levels of performance and reduce the risk of injury because their muscles are relaxed and charged with oxygen.

Perform. LASERwrap® is a safe, effective, drug-free, non-invasive treatment with no adverse side effects so it keeps the athlete in the game at peak performance. LASERwrap® helps performance by improving blood flow and circulation, charging the muscles with oxygen, which results in increased speed, agility and range of motion. The treatment reduces joint pain and approved for those with arthritis.

Recovery. Application of LASERwrap® after an event will help to flush lactic acid out of the extremities and reduce muscle soreness on the drive home while replenishing the extremities with fresh protein. As injuries and trauma happen, it is important to get fast and proper treatment for a quick recovery.

Using LASERwrap® immediately for acute injuries will help keep the swelling down and minimize recovery time. Wear the wrap overnight to receive 16 treatments vs a clinic where they get but a single treatment. Consider seconds count in a race while days count in recovery.  Get LASERwrap® now, to have on hand when needed for your dog and humans too

The Science-Wearable LASERwrap. 

  • Increase Circulation - Blood Flow
  • Increased Lymph Flow - Transport Waste
  • Increased Oxygen - Muscle energy
  • Vasodialation - Widening of blood vessels
  • Flush Lactic Acid - Replenish with protein
A Study by Detroit Medical Center showed a 10.7% increase of oxygenation of the treated area. This process is also known as PHOTOBIOMUDULATION.

Clinical Effect. 
  • Reduce Spasms
  • Pain Relief
  • Swelling Reduction
  • Improve Flexibilty and Function
  • Improve Healing
  • Lessen Scaring
  • Reduce Symptoms associated with Osteoarthritis

For XL, XXL, XXXL size LASERwrap® Dog Coats are divided into two sections.

1. Treats both sides of the spine including acupoints, down the SI, hamstring and back up the stifle.

2. Around neck, shoulders, chest [lungs] & abdomen.

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