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LASERwrap® 24” & 40” Dual Filament

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Why LASERwrap®  ?

Spectra Therapy’s Wearable LASERwrap® is a game changer for your dog’s health and wellness. At an event, while traveling, at work or while home, automatically delivering repeated 2.5 joule laser treatments in either of its modes, 24/7, to the AREA surrounding all the points of concern; thus multiple treatments to multiple points makes the difference. Why sit in a clinic while you can provide Rehabilitation on the Go! Great for performance, recovery from surgery, acute injuries, and chronic conditions found with older dogs.  

For Dog’s  Legs & Joints  + Small Dog Bodies  -  A 40” Dual filament LASERwrap® goes around front or rear leg and can be wrapped to allow range of mobility or fixed position  It is quick to use, adaptable to all size dogs  as shown in the attached techniques. Dogs recover up to 50% quicker using the Spectra Therapy’s trifecta treatment.   Green Mode - 1 hour-3x /day  - 3 consecutive days. We have never had a complaint that a dog chewed or attack the product,  though common sense and care should be exercised. See excellent testimonials for recovery from minicus repairs, dramatically help chronic back  problems with dachshund dogs and host of other remedies,. FDA cleared for laser therapy treatments related to reducing  muscles spasms,  stress and anxiety. Some behaviorist trainers attribute that it calms a dog’s temperament.  Look at these dogs below, they are relaxed.  

For chronic injuries such as osteoarthritis, use Blue mode and affix to dog coat to permit secure mobility 

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