Small Dog & Comfort Adapter for Sit Means Sit Collar

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Compatible with the SMS-825 ONLY
Part Number: SMS-1008*-2

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The Sit Means Sit Small Dog Adapter for the New Sit Means Sit Collar is designed with super-small breeds in mind, however this incredibly designed contact pad can also be used as a COMFORT ADAPTER for larger short-haired breeds or with sensitive dogs.

The design of the adapter allows for the replacement of the standard contact points on the New Sit Means Sit Collar with a flat and multi-point "pad" design. This increases comfort with all dogs, ensures proper contact on dogs that have smaller necks, "smooths" out the stimulation of the collar making it ideal for sensitive dogs, and also helps reduce irritation for dogs with senstive skin.

This product will fit most SportDog® Brand remote collar receivers.

Manufactured in the U.S.A.


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